Aum Yoga’s Guide to Finding the Right Guru for You

The word Guru is made of 2 Words Gu – Ru, where Gu means darkness and Ru means Dispeller. So Guru helps to dispel (remove) the darkness and bring light into your life so you can see things clearly. He helps to remove the illusion around you to see the thing as it is. He brings clarity to your vision and brings spirituality to you. he helps disciples to reach their ultimate possibility. He helps to lead disciples to reach the aim of his life. So the Guru means the spiritual teacher who leads you from darkness to the light.  Many people think Guru means an ordinary teacher but according to our Vedic culture the Guru is the person who can see the aim of our life the purpose of our existence and he will guide us toward it How to find a Guru: We had many stories that prove

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