The word Guru is made of 2 Words Gu – Ru, where Gu means darkness and Ru means Dispeller.

So Guru helps to dispel (remove) the darkness and bring light into your life so you can see things clearly. He helps to remove the illusion around you to see the thing as it is. He brings clarity to your vision and brings spirituality to you. he helps disciples to reach their ultimate possibility. He helps to lead disciples to reach the aim of his life.

So the Guru means the spiritual teacher who leads you from darkness to the light. 

Many people think Guru means an ordinary teacher but according to our Vedic culture the Guru is the person who can see the aim of our life the purpose of our existence and he will guide us toward it

How to find a Guru:

We had many stories that prove we can’t find the Guru, we believe that Guru will Come to you. So if you want to have a Guru it’s very important that you should live a truthful, non-violence, and pure life when you do this for a long time then you will be eligible and Guru will come to you. you have no need to go find and search for him you just need to live your life in harmony.

Importance of the Guru in the Yogaic journey:

Our First Guru is our mother, she knows what the baby needs, same the Guru knows what the disciples need and what he is capable of. A human is the best creation of God, and he can do many things with his physical ability easily, but without Guru it’s impossible. Guru is the one who gives knowledge and wisdom, without Guru, we can’t get these. 

Until the Gold is not taken to the Goldsmith it will remain Gold, Goldsmith converts it into beautiful jewelry, until the cloth is not taken to the tailor it will be just a piece of cloth, a tailor stitches it into a shirt, and paints whatever we want. Same work the Guru does.

When looking for a spiritual teacher, it’s important to find someone who is reliable and qualified. It’s important to look into the teacher’s credentials, as well as their experience and background in yoga. Ultimately, it should be someone you feel comfortable with and one who you trust to help guide you on your path of growth and transformation.

Remember that the relationship between student and Guru is based on devotion, respect, humility, and trust. It can take time to build this relationship, so don’t rush into it; be sure to take the time to get to know your teacher before committing long term.

The presence of a Guru in one’s life is invaluable to the yogic journey as they are able to help us gain a deeper understanding of yoga’s significance and importance. With the guidance of a Guru, we can learn how to better align our practice with the values and teachings of yogic philosophy in order to deepen our experience in all aspects, both physically and spiritually.

Important Note: 

Now these days we can watch many videos on youtube and Google there are many people teaching serval techniques for awakening chakra and kundalini. But in our many scriptures, it is clearly mentioned that when we do these Kriya Guru must be needed there because when you awaken them you can go wild so Guru needs to be there to control it. A guru only knows what your body is capable of so he knows the way which suits you and will suggest that path. 

There are many ways to awaken the kundalini and chakra, it can be through mantra chanting, dharna practice, meditation practice Bandha practice. so the Guru only know which mantra is good for you to chant, which dharna and meditation practice is good for you and he knows how to work in bandhas if you do these practice just after watching some videos or hearing from someone it can be dangerous for you. 

Awaken Kundalini can be very dangerous for you, it can affect your physical and mental body. It is very simple to understand with this example:

If you make a clay pot, and without baking it you pour water on it, it will break but if you bake it and after you will pour water, water will stay inside. So before teaching this kundalini and chakra practice Guru will make you ready (bake) for it so when kundalini awakens it can be in control.

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