• Applicants have to inform the head teacher about any physical and mental health issues before booking the course.

  • The use of any intoxicant or the consumption of non-vegetarian food is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated on the Aum Yoga premises.

  • Once the registration fee is  paid there is no refund. If you would like to join the course at a later time it is possible to stay signed up.

  • Students must attend all classes for the duration of the 200 hour teacher training course. Exceptions are sickness or reasonable excuses.

  • The yoga hall is considered a scared space. Therefore it is not allowed to enter with shoes and bring in food, or beverages except water.

  • We are not taking any responsibilities for any kind of injury during your stay. We advise you to listen to the instructor and your body as well as holding a travel insurance while joining the course.

  • We ask you to treat teachers, staff members, fellow students in a friendly and respectfully manner at any times.