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At AUM yoga we encourage you to find to your inner self. To learn to treat yourself well by connecting the physical body, mind and soul.

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Aum Yoga Vietnam - Yoga teachers: Rahul Chamoli

Rahul Chamoli

Certified 500h yoga teacher training, Master in Reiki and main teacher of Aum Yoga Vietnam.

A famous saying in India goes: “If you are born in Rishikesh, you already have yoga in your veins.”

Before his path lead him to yoga, Rahul Ji did a bachelor degree in hospitality & hotel administration in Orissa. After 5 years working in the hospitality industry in the Maldives as a Chef de partie, he met his guru Narendra Gusain at his uncle’s yoga sansthan named ” Rishikesh yog Peeth”.

Over time and with lot of self-study and observing and discussions about the vast yoga philosophy, Rahul Ji realized that he belongs to a yogic path, and that’s when his yoga journey started.

With the blessing of Shri Narayan Dutt (Narendra Gusain’s guru), and the guidance of his guru and best friend Vijay Ji, Rahul dedicated one full year to his passion and devoted himself to his self-practice. His practice included intensive Yoga  Philosophy, Ashtanga and Hatha yoga. After he had finished the training, his guru sent him to Vietnam to share and spread the knowledge and wisdom he had learned.

Rahul Ji was the main teacher of the teacher training courses at Nomad Yoga in Hoi An for nearly two and a half years before starting his smaller but full of heart studio to continue sharing yoga and inspiring more and more people from all over the world.

Aum Yoga Vietnam - Yoga teachers: Vijay Dutt

Vijay Dutt

Founder and main teacher of PRATHAM YOGA, Master of Yogic science.

Yogi Vijay Ji grew up in a Brahmin family from Rishikesh as a son of a very spiritual mother who is a Bhakti Yoga practitioner.

He has been training many teachers in well-known big yoga schools of Rishikesh, Thailand, and France for years.

He is teaching various Yoga Styles such as Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Pranayama, Alignment, Mantra chanting and Yogic Kriya (Cleansing ).

Today Vijay is working at his own yoga center named Pratham Yoga to create an affordable YTTC with smaller groups at high quality standards.

He is very well grounded in his self-practice, and a lot of his teachings come directly from his own self observations. He’s well known for his great knowledge of unique sequences, variations, and adjustments.