Yes! Everyone is welcome, yoga is for everyone. Come as you are and observe how the yoga practice will help you become a version of yourself.

Yoga is not just about physical exercise. At Aum Yoga, we are trying to create a pure, bright, and positive environment to help people who are seeking their path. To find out more about themselves, which intuitions they should follow, and to find inner peace and beauty. We cannot promise that any of this will happen within one or two days, but you will be surprised by how far you will come. There is no limit regarding flexibility that can be achieved, as well as balance, strength, and coordination while increasing your physical confidence and your overall well-being.

All of our classes are open to all levels of experience. If you are looking for a class specifically designed for new students, we also offer yoga for beginners on a weekly basis. This is the most suitable class for people who are completely new to yoga or for anyone looking to brush up on their fundamentals. Ideally, we suggest you read through our class descriptions or consult directly with our instructors. We also encourage new students to try a wide range of classes and styles and enjoy lessons from different teachers that offer their knowledge at Aum Yoga. For more tips, do not hesitate to talk to us via the contact details or on Facebook.

We do provide yoga mats and all you need to practice at Aum Yoga: mats, belts, and blocks. If you wish, you can also bring your own yoga mat along. We also offer free water and towels.

Wear comfortable breathable clothing, and do not wear jewelry or heavy perfume, oils, creams, and strong scents. Be prepared to sweat. Shoes and socks should be left outside – barefoot only in the yoga shala.

Yoga should be practiced on an empty stomach, so try not to eat 3-4 hours before the yoga class. Try to let pass at least one hour after a light snack. Make sure to hydrate well both before and after class.

In many cases, yoga can support the body as it undergoes healing. However, if you had serious injuries or are currently experiencing pain, we strongly advise you to consult your doctor before starting your yoga practice. Our teachers are knowledgeable and are trained to support you with common injuries including knee, neck, and lower back pain, so please also talk to them if you feel any discomfort, dizziness, etc during the practice.

In order to keep disruptions to a minimum, please plan to arrive on time and stay for the entire class. If for some reason you need to leave early, please let the instructor know in advance. You are, of course, always welcome to enter and exit the studio (quietly) during class to use the restroom.