Why us

"Atha yoganusasanam" - Patanjali

This sutra is an introduction to “The Yoga Sutras” which mentioned “atha” as NOW, not tomorrow, not later, “yoga” regarding YOGA, and “anusasanam” as COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS. By using “atha” in the deep meaning, the author mentions that these instructions on yoga are in order to emphasize the necessity of qualifying oneself in karma yoga, bhakti yoga, and other systems like connections that lead a person to be pure in mind and aware in life. So, atha yoganusasanam from here means “Now yoga will begin” or “Let’s practice yoga now!”

At AUM Yoga, we encourage you to find an inner of yourself, to treat yourself well, and to be a better you. By linking the physical body, mind, and soul. Let’s join us for your own path in real life.